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  • GlassBuild America 2017
    September 12-14 2017

    GlassBuild America 2017

    Atlanta, GA
    Visit us at the booth 3137

  • Frame Coating

    Integrated. Automatic. Revolutionary.
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The Goldglass Story | 1996-today

The Goldglass storyJust like our machines, we are relatively small in size but great in innovation, productivity and efficiency. From a relatively anonymous family venture, we have grown into a worldwide success, with sales of millions in just four years since the debut of our first painting machine, the M.R.C-2150. We live glass, and just like everything else in our lives, we’re always growing, always improving ourselves, always looking for the next breakthrough. The full story

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The M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M automatic glass painting machine

  • Advanced control

    Our unique technology is controlled by a PLC full graphic soft-touch 7-inch screen, which supports all languages. Read more

  • Clean work environment

    The M.R.C-2350-CI/2850-M is always clean and operational with the automatic cleaning system, which removes all excess paint within minutes. Read more

  • Environmentally friendly

    An integrated extraction system removes fumes into a dust collector unit, thus eliminating the need for a clean room and paint masks for operators. Read more

  • Enhanced performance

    Advanced spray gun & sensor, for both automatic and manual painting. If it can be sprayed, our machine can spray it better, quicker and with reduced paint consumption. Read more

  • Paint suitability

    Dual paint containers for glass painting with any available organic or ceramic paint and efficient alteration between colors. Read more