Back painted glass beauty and creativity combined

Back painted glass is an excellent solution for interior or exterior home and office design. Painted glass is easy to clean, withstands wetness, is protected from stains and comes in a dizzying variety of colors. But most importantly: it is a beautiful addition to just about any space known to mankind.

Back painted glass can be used for:

Our advanced glass painting machines, the M.R.C.-2350-CI/2850, provides expert painting for both small and large projects. The features of the M.R.C.-2350-CI/2850 are specifically designed to enhance both production and profitability. Here's a short list of how it's done:

So set your creativity free, and infuse your and your clients' space with back painted glass. With the M.R.C.-2350-CI/2850, home and office design will be propelled towards the next level of beauty!